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Live your dreams and create a legacy.

You’ve been saving. Planning. You already know your financial future is a good investment. But if you’ve still got questions about how to take the next steps – or even if you’re reevaluating your current plans – let the experts at Reid and Associates help clarify your options.

Finding Financial Freedom

It’s never too early or to late to get expert advice that will keep your money working for you. Reid and Associates has a solid process to help you get you where you want to be:

  1. Learn about your personal goals
    Your personal priorities, goals, dreams and investment preferences are critical for defining a customized plan. We’ll learn about you so we can create the best path to your objectives.
  2. Gather financial information
    Thorough and accurate information will give us a clear picture of your current financial situation. Then we’ll get you moving ahead.
  3. Analyze your data
    Using the most current financial planning software, we can carefully analyze your confidential information. If necessary, and with your consent, consultation with a variety of professionals such as your accountant, lawyer, and/or trust officer may be of benefit.
  4. Review
    Together, we will review the extensive (50-100 page) personalized report. It will provide you with a solid understanding of how your current situation will translate into retirement.
  5. Recommendations
    We’ll provide recommendations for the strongest services and solutions – ones that best align with your objectives.
  6. Monitor
    Once your best plan is in place, we’ll help you implement it. And then establish a schedule for review so that we can make any necessary ongoing adjustments.

We’ve got strong solutions and services to help you find financial freedom.

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