It takes a Team. It’s Kite Flying TIME!

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Financial Planning is Complicated! Each individual has many different financial disciplines that need to be attended too. There are three different types of expertise that is often required to reach your financial goals most efficiently. You should have a qualified accountant to help you manage your tax efficiencies and help you take advantage of tax…

A Tax Strategy for Retirement. It’s BBQ TIME!

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When you get to retirement you want to have equal savings with your spouse so that you can each receive the same income for tax saving purposes. If you and your spouse want to spend $100,000 in retirement and only 1 person takes all of that income then you will be taxed approximately 40% but…

Transferring Wealth Problems. It’s Hiking Time!

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We work hard building assets through our life time and often most end up with more assets that they could not have imagined when they first started out. This is a good place to be and it opens the conversation how they would like their Legacy to be left. Then the question is what happens…

Not for Everyone. It’s Fishing TIME!

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This video needs to start off by saying THIS IS a higher risk idea and NOT FOR EVERYONE! Leverage Loans can be very lucrative. If you borrow $100,000 at 4% interest and invest it into a qualified investment portfolio Your cost to borrow is $4000 per year. If your income has you in a 30%…

Free RESP money. It’s Zipline TIME!!

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Helping a child with post secondary costs is one of the most important investments you can make in their future, especially in today’s competitive environment where education is crucial to success. Each year you save in an RESP the government will add up to 20% of your savings as well. We all know the government…

Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker or Invest? It’s Tennis TIME!!!

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People of all ages and wealth are making it a priority to pay down their mortgage first. That made sense when mortgage rates were at 10% plus. But with today’s low interest rates it MAY not the best use of money. If you have done a full financial plan and you don’t have enough retirement…

Big Difference Between Us and Them. It’s Cruiser TIME!

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There are Financial Plans and then there are Comprehensive Financial Plans. Most institutions will offer you a financial plan these days. However the focus of most plans are focused on wealth accumulation like retirement income and building assets. The problem is there are several financial disciplines that need be included when completing your financial plan….

Life Insurance Options. It’s B-Ball Time!

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Term Life Insurance vs Permanent. Purchasing life insurance is based on the needs of your beneficiaries as well as your financial goals if something unfortunate was to happen prematurely but don’t worry our planning will show you the benefit you need. You have a couple options when it comes to life insurance. Term life insurance…

Because Accidents Happen. My PLAN is complete!

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1 in 3 Canadians will experience a disability resulting in more than 90 days away from work and most of us probably already know someone who has had to take time off for some sort of disability whether physical or mental. Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance provides a monthly income if you are unable to…

When to Buy, Hold & Sell? It’s Touchdown Time!!!

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When it comes to investments I’ve learned the more I know the more I don’t know. That’s because ITS COMPLICATED ! This is why we hire professional managers that know when to buy, hold and sell. They are also investing millions and sometimes billions of dollars so they can get an appointment with the Presidents…