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Not Managing Risk! There are more investment management programs available for Canadians today than ever before. There are now several different opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios through managed programs, which used to be designed only for the wealthy investor in North America. Understanding the benefits of these programs comes down to a few…


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  NOT MANAGING MONEY SYSTEMATICALLY Because my crystal ball is broken and I do not know what the future holds. I did not predict oil and gas going from $10 to $140 a barrel, and I sure did not predict that the Government would announce a tax on income trusts. However, this is what I…


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MONEY MISTAKES ANY RETIREE CAN AVOID While the world is changing and the markets evolve over time, learning and understanding risk and the obstacles can be a challenge. Here are some simplified ideas. The difference between having and not having money is simple. The wealthy invest their money first and spend what is left. The…


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Investing in retirement can be tricky, as it requires that you consider several factors of lesser concern to younger investors. Make a mistake and you could find yourself surviving on less income than you planned, paying more in taxes, or leaving a smaller legacy to your heirs. Here are the 4 biggest pitfalls of retirement….


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NOT SEEING DANGER SIGNS IN YOUR PORTFOLIO   Problem: Unless you’re an asset-allocation specialist, how do you know whether your portfolio is matched to your risk tolerance?   When an investor is frustrated with lack of performance, nine times out of ten it is based on asset allocation and a lack of diversification.  Here are…


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  NO CLEAR WRITTEN RETIREMENT PLAN; NOT TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE   The road to financial freedom, wealth, and prosperity requires an accurate map that will let you plot a journey, monitor progress, and change direction if  you venture off  course. To help you get there, here are ten ideas for developing a…

Exciting News!

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Happy Spring Everyone. The time has come where Rob is starting to slow down and golf a little more.  He is excited to announce that Kevin will be handling the day to day operations at Reid & Associates Financial Solutions with both Joy and Brittney. You will find below a final letter from Rob  with a…

Kids are leaving so TIME to focus on you!

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So your 50ish years old and you’ve worked hard the past 30 years just to pay your expenses and support your family. Your kids are moving away to go to school or do some travelling and NOW it’s time to make retirement planning your first priority. You can see the light at the end of…

WIN by not Losing. It’s Sun Tanning TIME!

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Win by not losing! Do you know how long it will take your original investment to recover if it has lost money. If your investment was worth $100,000 and you lost 15% due to a correction in the markets you would be left with $85,000. Using a reasonable 7% annual rate of return combined with…

Knowledge is Power. It’s TIME to walk my dog!

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Are you behind or ahead on your retirement savings? What does actually mean to you? Everyone has heard that you need to save 10% of your pay cheque to reach your retirement goals. In fact it all depends when you start saving. Fidelity says that you need to save 15% of your salary for 30…