WIN by not Losing. It’s Sun Tanning TIME!

Posted on: July 6th, 2017 by Kevin Lavigne

Win by not losing!

Do you know how long it will take your original investment to recover if it has lost money.

If your investment was worth $100,000 and you lost 15% due to a correction in the markets you would be left with $85,000. Using a reasonable 7% annual rate of return combined with Canada’s average 2.5% inflation your original investment would take 5 years to recover to the original $100,000.

If the annual interest rate was 6% it would take 6 years to recover but if the interest rate was 8% it would still take 4 years to recover.

Shocked already?

We haven’t added in the interest lost in that time frame.

Again using the 7% annual return rate over 5 years is over $40,000 lost.

Crazy isn’t it.

When the wind blows hard enough even turkey’s can fly but when the wind stops blowing where will you be?

You need a professional who is going to WIN by not losing.

Warren Buffet has 2 rules about investing.
1. Never lose money
2. Never forget rule #1

My plan is complete, I’m not a turkey It’s TIME to catch some rays!

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